A technology designed to improve and facilitate your everyday work.

Carnot Réfrigération’s industrial refrigeration technology was developed to facilitate the daily work of warehouse managers. Designed to partially or completely replace existing systems, Carnot’s solution yields significant benefits: 

  1. Savings on refrigeration and heating-related costs (up to 4 times the energy efficiency of conventional systems) 
  1. No more synthetic refrigerants and ammonia
  1. Lower maintenance needs and costs (no corrosion – significant reduction of maintenance and repair costs) 
  1. Lower environmental impact, promoting easier regulation management and a positive public image (a natural, safe, and sustainable refrigerant)
  1. Space-saving design and minimal installation costs (takes up less than 50% of a typical mechanical room)
  1. Overall cost-effective refrigeration process (investments that generate substantial, long-term financial spinoffs)

Carnot developed a unique CO2 refrigeration solution combining 4 key components that contribute to the aforementioned benefits:

  • CO2 as the main refrigerant: A natural, eco-friendly refrigerant with a higher heat transfer potential, cutting out synthetic refrigerants – such as ammonia, a corrosive substance that can lead to major system malfunctions. These gasses are increasingly retired from systems because of their harmful environmental effects.
  • Heat recovery and redistribution to specific areas: An energy-efficient system that reduces heating costs and ensures a constant, comfortable temperature in the building (optional)
  • CO2 Hot gas defrosting
  • High-pressure technology (no stationary engineer needed): A simpler, more efficient, and easy-to-install system that requires less equipment (pumps, pipes), positively impacting installation and maintenance costs.

Carnot’s entirely modular technology is easily adaptable to existing refrigeration facilities. Our engineering team is also highly experienced in CO2 solutions that use natural refrigerants, and year after year optimizes refrigeration systems across North America. Our experts will work with you to assess financial assistance options and thoroughly evaluate the overall benefits of our system for your warehouse.

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