CO2 cooling system

CO2 cooling systems, like those developed at Carnot Refrigeration, are the wave of the future for industrial refrigeration. CO2 refrigeration systems have become leader of the industrial refrigeration technology, beaming the industry forward from harsh criticism associated with traditional coolants. CO2 offers a far better solution than ammonia stand alone systems, as it is easily transferrable between states and does not produce even a fraction of the toxic waste. CO2 ice rink refrigeration has seen a particular rise in interest in recent years, offering competition to the already booming CO2 refrigeration system implementation taking place in the food realm. CO2 cooling systems offer consumers and factory owners an overall better solution to growing global warming concerns and rising energy costs. These systems, developed by the innovative geniuses at Carnot Refrigeration, allow some of the damage done by traditional systems to be reversed.

CO2 cooling system advantages include significant cost reduction in the areas of maintenance, repair, and overall operating costs. These are available to everyone in the industry, as these systems are highly adaptable and easily installed. Existing machinery can also be modified to accommodate a CO2 cooling system. Switching from a traditional to a CO2 refrigeration system is simpler than one might think. The experts at Carnot Refrigeration cover every stage of the process, from the initial product design to maintenance of manufactured machines. Carnot Refrigeration brings their own CO2 refrigeration system to the table and has set the bar for the industry. Leading the industry, Carnot Refrigeration successfully surpassed competition with their CO2 cooling system model, available to almost any refrigeration operation.

Installing a CO2 cooling system into an industrial refrigeration operation can reduce the harmful impacts of the traditional systems significantly. Traditional systems require a great deal of maintenance, due to the nature of the coolants used. Installing a CO2 cooling system can reduce exposure to leaks and ammonia exposure. Product loss is often the result of ammonia exposure, even in micro amounts.

CO2 ice rink refrigeration is also making headway into the global market. Liquid CO2 is infused, pressurized, and changed in state to produce coolant through the machinery. Heat recovery is only one of the benefits of using CO2 ice rink refrigeration. CO2 cooling systems in ice arenas reduce operating costs for the facility operators and offer environmental incentives for potential consumers. These benefits have prompted several ice rinks and other industrial refrigeration operation managers to make the switch to the Carnot Refrigeration CO2 cooling system. These innovative experts provide each client with their extensive expertise and knowledge of cooling systems. Entrusting these operations to Carnot Refrigeration is making an investment in cost reduction and productivity increase for any refrigeration company.