Ammonia refrigeration

Ammonia refrigeration systems present potential risks to factory workers, owners, and consumers. Products are easily contaminated by ammonia leaks, and mere exposure can result in costly losses and repurchases. Reprocessing also contributes to higher costs, benefitting only competitive companies. Companies which choose the cutting edge Carnot Refrigeration co2 system have significantly lower risks and costs by contrast to those who use ammonia stand alone refrigeration system. Ammonia refrigeration companies promote ammonia based chemical cooling agents as beneficial, cost effective, and relatively safe. These claims are not in line with the most recent research or the concerns of environmental protection agencies. Co2 alternatives are championed as far more resourceful, efficient, reliable, and safe for the environment.

The experts at Carnot Refrigeration have employed their skills to extend hybrid solutions to ammonia cooling systems, offering ammonia refrigeration companies safe and efficient alternatives. Ammonia refrigeration systems tend to corrode machinery and piping, leaving entire production equipment systems subject to costly repairs and expensive downtime. Product loss is common with these systems, since mere exposure can contaminate an entire shipment of refrigerated items. Cooling systems which are powered by co2 agents promote safe energy conduction, heat transfer, and generates far less toxic exposition to the produce.

Carnot Refrigeration readily provides solutions with customized components for ammonia refrigeration companies. They strive to bring energy efficiency to a market which traditionally has had a negative imprint upon the environment. As energy concerns become more and more prevalent in the refrigeration industry, consumers are turning their preferences toward Carnot Refrigeration and their innovative solutions. Ammonia refrigeration is no longer considered to be the best method of commercial refrigeration, leaving the gap open to fill with co2 solutions. Carnot Refrigeration has a remarkable corporate lead on this progression, and refrigeration operations of all levels entrust these experts.