Thorough Design

«Less Is More»

Equipment size combined with minimalist technology!

Tired of seeing clients operating with oversized systems that are more expensive because of the number of components and raw materials used, and made more fragile by the complexity of the engineering involved, or consume more energy because they are larger than necessary? Carnot chose to see bigger, innovate and build “smaller.”

The result:

  • A simpler and more compact system
  • Lower overall cost
  • Lower energy consumption
  • An easily exportable solution



We are developing high-technology of the best quality and precision:

  • Selection of components of the highest quality on the market and the latest technology available 
  • The highest respect for quality standards
  • Maximizing the use of tubing to avoid welds and the risk of leaks
  • Minimization of the hardware and components necessary for technology that is more compact
  • Pre-insulation of all units with a combination of urethane for steel, Armaflex and copper parts to increase lifespan of equipment
  • Maximum prefabrication in the workshop for quick and easy installation at time of delivery
  • Pre-wiring of all units for controls and power supply to further reduce installation costs
  • Quality control tests at the factory in a controlled environment
  • Manufactured by qualified employees who are trained on our technologies from day one


Conventional system

Here is a conventionnal refrigeration system for an indoor skating rink

It takes 60% less space in the engineering room Back